-       Canale, Roero, Piedmont
-       Family Estate 
-       High quality Roero and Arneis producer 
-       35 hectares of vineyards
-       Wines are made for aging, which includes their single vineyard Arneis

Wine Tender represents this lovely estate and family and is honored to have                                     three club exclusive wines:

1.     MONCHIERO CARBONE Roero 2000 
2.    MONCHIERO CARBONE Roero 2005
3.    MONCHIERO CARBONE Roero Arneis Riserva 2016 
More about Monchiero Carbone…

The Monchiero Carbone farm is located in Canale, in the centre of the village, in a nineteenth century farmhouse, with a fascinating historical cellar, untouched for over two centuries.
The company owes its name to the union of two families through the marriage between Marco Monchiero and Lucia Carbone. Each family had their own vineyards in the area that were joined by this marriage. 
Past down for generations, today Francesco Monchiero, born in 1975 is leading the family esate. His mission was to produce wines with his own brand. 
Francesco vinified his first vintage in 1990, with the help of his father Marco. They produced only 2,000 bottles of Roero Superiore for Francesco's university thesis. In addition to the Roero, they vinified Barbera Monbirone, produced from the land inherited from his grandparents.
At the beginning of Francesco’s career, his father's involvement was crucial. Of course, father and son did not agree on everything and eventually Francesco was able to follow his own path while being grateful that his father let him do so independently.
Over the years the company has expanded, thanks to the expansion of the winemaking cellar in 2004 and the acquisition of new vineyards. The vineyards were chosen with extreme care, as the quality of the soil and exposure are crucial to its success. 
The estate is currently 35 hectares of Arneis, Barbera and Nebbiolo vineyards. The most important acquisitions were the PRINTI vineyard for the Roero production and the RENESIO vineyard, that gave birth to the Arneis grape.
With high quality, low yield Arneis production, Francesco Carbone is the pioneer in Roero, who ages Arneis, knowing the capability of the varietal. It was his choice to invest in French barrique, Slavonian oak casks and clay anfora to create this blend. 

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