Francesco Rinaldi, a very historic Barolo winery, founded in 1870, today despite its rather masculine name, is in the hands of a few very driven and talented women from the 3rd and 4th family generation.

In the nineties the two sisters Paola and Piera took over the winery and decided it was time for a more modern approach and internationalized sales. While the winemaking keeps somewhat traditional, the focus are the vineyard work and a very thorough and clean wine making process in the cellar. Today the USA is the most important market followed by Northern Europe and part of the Far East. The two sisters are being supported by Piera’s two daughters, securing that also the future of this cellar is in feminine hands. The focus of the wine production remains the Barolo, with five different products. Other reds like Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera and Barbaresco complete their portfolio. 
The competence and great charm these women show, is somehow also reflected in the wines. Elegance, freshness, aging potential and a whole lot of terrior identity can be found in the Barolos. 
The two most stunning bottlings at Francesco Rinaldi are the single cru Barolos, Brunate (2 hectares) and Cannubi (2.4 hectares). Brunate, which lies on the border between La Morra and Barolo, and Cannubi are, without a doubt, two of Barolo’s five greatest vineyards. Wines from the Brunate vineyard are prized for their depth, fragrance and brilliant balance, while those of Cannubi are magically light and perfumed and perform particularly well in rainy years, for the high sand content of this particular site allows for excellent drainage. Not as famous, but in our opinion just as good is the Barolo Rocche dell’ Annunziata which represents another Cru. 
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