For who loves the real identity of Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino is a must and we believe that one of the top producers of this are and this noble Sangiovese is Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona. Also called simply “Ciacci” to make one’s life easier. 
While the Estate in the past was owned by a Tuscan noble family, today the winery is in the hands of Paolo and Lucia, two siblings and children of the former enologist.
But also at Ciacci, the new generation with Paolo’s children Alex and Ester help with a fresh approach to the future of wine making. 
The 12 hectares of Sangiovese, all visible from the terrace of the winery, are the ingredients of their 3 Brunellos, one being a blend from different vineyard locations, a Cru called Pianrosso and a Riserva from the same Cru. 
Until today, Ciacci’s strength is the focus on Brunello. While over the past 30 years, there was certainly ample possibility to expand the production with none estate grown fruit, or wines with international varietals, the family wanted to stay true to their roots and keep the production small and limited to Brunello, which today one may easily taste in the great quality of their wines and the fact that the entire production is allocated, as demand outnumbers the production by far.
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